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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Dr. Ramesh explaining the real meaning of Diwali

In Spite of great grief and sorrow on departure of beloved family member from this mortal world, eyes donors family donated the alive eyes  (human lamps, Punarjot Diyas) to punarjot eye bank Ludhiana to keep the ability to see the world again with his/her beloved eye. It was merely       a coincidence that whole of the nation is gearing up for grand celebration of Diwali, festival of lights.
Although  there is darkness of departure  and feeling of pain of death of member that but eye donation will ignite the light  of someone needy           whom house and life is full of invisible darkness from ,they are suffering. Eye donation mission darkness to light have been carried it out for   more than 25 years with  Diwali celebration but this time we have realised , the actual lighting of lamp needs no burning oil source of flame this is    only is the gift of nature,Which can be only transferred from donor to the receiver without financial expenses here we all crying for bursting foreign made crackers.but our kind donor family proved That human eyes are symbolic as light lamps are  creation of God and have no difference of caste ,creed religion and boundaries.
as a doctor. I realised that why i am Doctor and how i can help ailing blind persons who are living in world of darkness. With collective efforts we can transfer the donated eye to needy.
Punarjot eye bank society salute the courage, thoughts,feeling sacrifice at time of great grief at time of death of kind eye donor Late Sh. Sangat Ram Kalra, New Hargobind Nagar, Ludhina, Late Smt. Santosh Kakkar, Mundian Kalan and Late Smt. Kanta Jain, Purana BazaarLudhiana and donor families  who donated in days of Festival of Lights, the Diwali.
May God blessed the departed sacred souls, our unsung heroes, eye donors and give them rest in peace. We also salute the eye donor families who may be feeling of missing of there beloved ones but there act of kindness of donations will make the mood and morale high that their contribution helped someone needy blind persons home filled with light and ray of better life. Donor families,s houses will be enlighten with eternal lamps of almighty.
Lets come forward to combat blindness with collective efforts.
 Dr. Ramesh Superspecialty Eye & Laser Centre,
65-A, BRS Nagar, Ludhiana, PB,
Ph. 0161-2464999, 98143-31433, 9780015715 

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